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Access Bars, Access Beden/Body,Facelift -Adana

*Access Bars-1gün
*Access Facelift-1Gün
*Access Foundation-4gün
*Access Beden-1Gün-2Proses

Eğer bir Humanoid iseniz (Access Foundationda anlatılıyor) çevrenizdeki kişilerden her zaman farklı hissedebilirsiniz. Ancak buna kapılıp kendinizi eksik veya yanlış hissedip onlara uyum sağlamaya çalışıp hayatınıza gerektiğinden fazla düzen getirirseniz, bu sadece siz de blokaj, hastalık ve sıkıntı yaratabilir ve kendinizi öldürmüş olursunuz. Bu şekilde hayatınızın hangi alanlarında kendinizi öldürüyorsunuz? Humaoid'lar aşırı yaratıcı olduklarından fazla düzen onlara iyi gelmeyebilir. Veya hayatımda hangi alanlara daha çok düzen veya kaos getirebilirim/seçebilirim diiye kendinize sorabilirsiniz...Bir sonraki Foundation'a sizi de bekliyoruz...

Bu seminere katılsaydınız yaşamınız nasıl değişirdi?

Zihninizde kurguladığınız veya çevrenizden alıp kabul ettiğiniz her bir 'fixed point of view' yani sabit fikir zaman içinde hayatınızda fazla birikirse hastalığa sebep olabilir.Evren ve bedeniniz her zaman akış içinde olmayı sever. Bugün hayatınızdaki hangi sabit fikirinizi bırakmaya hazırsınız/bunu bırakmak için hayatınızda hangi alanı biraz kaos'a açabilirsiniz?
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Önkoşul..Access Bars-1 gun-1150tl
*Access Foundation-4 Gun-5350tl
Access Facelift-1000tl
Access Beden-1000tl

Kayıt için 250tl..Theta80@hotmail.com,


Are you Really interested to Change your Life? If you are only a little interested then these seminars are not for you. Dont come...
In these phenomenal 6 days of Change in a beautiful Area of Turkey by the sea, How Much Change is possible for you?

*Access Bars-
*Access Facelift-
*Access Foundation-


*Access Bars
with Hümeyra Gürel, Certificate Facilitator& Maestro-
With Beliz Tümay- BF-
*Access Foundation
*Access Facelift

You can take The second Day as a repeat or if you Want to become an instructor as The second Day.( you need to complete 3 Days of Bars With 3 different teachers.

If you want to see the Bars please watch short video, link below.

The first hands on process in Access is called the Bars. The Bars consist of 32 points on the head relating to various aspects of life such as power, control, money, creativity, communication, body, sexuality, aging, hopes and dreams and more. When gentle touch is applied to these points it helps to dissolve and unlock all judgments and limitations related to each aspect opening you to greater freedom and choice.

Receiving the Bars is like getting consciousness on your computer which deletes the old, outdated and useless files and clears the hard drive creating space for new possibilities and opportunities to begin to show up. Having your Bars run is about receiving rather than doing which is what most of us tend to do in our lives, you have to be open to receive to be enabled new possibilities in life.

Bars healing sessions available which is most effective. For those unable to attend in person distance Access sessions can be purchased.

I'm a Certified Facilitator and am delighted to be able to offer Bars classes for those interested in learning this powerful transformative healing technique to use on themselves and others. Come and join me for a day that can and will change your life.

Access Bars ...

When you have your bars run the worst that can happen is that you feel like you've had a great massage as it is extremely relaxing the best is that it could change your life.

Having your Bars run will aid-

Sleep and sleep patterns
Calm endless mind chatter
Bring greater and focus
Aids depression and anxiety
Helps ADD and ADHD
Stress, tension reduction.
Physical and emotional well-being, calm and peace.
Higher consciousness and oneness.
Allows you access to greater energy and eases exhaustion.
Aids communication and relationships.
Money, abundance and wealth.
Increases perception and intuition.
Begin to see negative issues dissolving and dissipating.
Be more able to connect to joy and happiness.
Releases the blocks of stuck emotions.

The bars is suitable for everyone, including children and babies although a shorter time is required for them.

Come learn this incredible life changing technique to use on self, family, friends and clients.
£240, for repeats 1/2 price.
Children under 16 free with paying adult, 16-18- 1/2 price

Message me to register.
All welcome, no experience necessary. Additional Access classes are Available.
*Access Foundation
*Access 1 Day Body Class
*Access AbuseHold Session
*Access Talk to the Entities
*Access Money Workshop
*Access Relationship Workshop

You will be given a whole toolbox of tools that will allow you to break apart the foundation of limitation that we so often function from and build a new foundation, one of limitless possibility, so that you can begin to create the life you truly desire.

What if it’s possible to change anything? What if you know something that no one else knows? What if now is the time to express and choose everything you came here to be?

If you wish to reserve your place or pay the full amount for one of the upcoming classes, you can do it below.
Price.1400 euros, Access Bars. 300 Euros

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Hümeyra Gürel

Narlıdere & Konak, İzmir
+90 532 217 34 55-whatsapp.
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